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One complete photoshop layer file of all the individual car systems. The systems are available as individual illustrations or as a combined package that incorporates all of the elements in a user managed photoshop file. Some of the perutations are shown below.

complete cutaway car
The above illustration is all of the systems files combined into one illustration.


This illustration shows the driveline.

generic supension

This illustration isolates the suspension system.

generic interior of the car
Interior elements of the car.

generic car electrical system

The electrical system isolated.

climate system

Climate system.


The exterior illustration

generic cutaway car

This illustration and the ones following show different aspects of the layer file.

color variation to the generic car

There are endless body colors that can be applied to the illustration by using the hue and saturation adjustment later.

driveline in line

Here the driveline is shown without the car body color layer.

electrical system in line

The electriac system shown with the body in line only,

engine and driveline

The engine with driveline

engine, drivelineand suspension

The engine, driveline and suspension layers combined.

engine only in the lineart

Engine only in a line art car.

full line art

Line art only of the generic car.

generic car

The systems with the interior added.

line art
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